Education support for the most needy

UCOFF is currently providing education support to over 10,000 OVC in various regions of Uganda. Under this core program area, UCOFF is providing direct support in form scholastic materials and school fees to the most needy. It also provides access to alternative basic education for children with special needs and also conducts dialogue meetings with caregivers, teachers and school administrators geared towards supporting and improving the quality of life of OVC.

Economic strengthening support

Under this core program area, emphasis has been put on formation of Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) and so far fifteen (15) were formed and are still functional. I n addition, efforts have put in place onto identifying youth outof school and selecting them for vocational and apprenticeships skills training in various trades. A total of twenty have been identified and placed in garages and workshops for skills building making a cumulative of two hundred fifty (250).

Health care, shelter, sanitation and hygiene

In association with other community organizations, regular awareness programmes are conducted for spreading the message of prevention of HIV/AIDS by observing AIDS day and all the concerned like politicians, educationists, medical personnel are involved in these programmes. Through partnership, HIV Testing and Counseling HTC is conducted and HIV infected individuals are referred for medical care.