To contribute to the process of ensuring that children enjoy their rights through providing education support, food and nutrition security, basic care, economic strengthening, child protection and legal support services.


A society where all children attain their full rights to education, food, basic care, health to enable them enjoy other rights among others


The overall objective of the organization is to restore hope and bring happiness to Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children (OVC) through preaching the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ and providing socioeconomic services.

Capacities of the organisation

As a pioneering organization in community based service working in Mbarara District and other regions of Uganda, UCOFF has committed manpower, capacities and experience of taking up activities on economic strengthening support, education support, environmental conservation, food and nutrition security, child protection and legal support, HIV/AIDS, Psychosocial support provision, sanitation and hygiene among others in communities that are currently being served with inherent capacity to expand should there be funding.

Word from the Director UCOFF

We are passionate about protecting and empowering every child left vulnerable by poverty. Our world-class one to one model means we can’t do it without you.
Independent research shows that if you sponsor a child with the heart of compassion, they are more likely to be employed and be community leaders when they grow up.